Consignment Auction Services

Selling for Estates, Individuals and Businesses

Since 1962

Welcome to the Conestoga Auction Company. We specialize in selling Real Estate, Antiques, Personal Property, Firearms, Indian Relics, Coins and more.

Why Use Conestoga Auctions?


With an extensive mailing list targeted directly towards active collectors, dealers and museums. Good rapport with local, regional press and trade publications which benefit auctions through enhanced press releases. Specialty full color catalog auctions in conjunction with an online bidding platform are used for select auctions.

Experienced Staff

With knowledgeable auction and antique experience, the staff of Conestoga Auction are always willing and able to accommodate any auction need.


Items are sorted to sell in auctions where they will achieve the best results. Whether it be in our weekly, monthly antique, catalog, or one of our many specialty auctions, your items will be placed into an auction that optimized it's potential.

Pick Up Service

Conestoga will schedule a pick-up of one item or an entire house contents and provide the man power and resources to ensure its safe handling. The fee for this is based on a portal-to-portal basis.

Guaranteed Check

Payment checks are mailed 30 days after the consignment is completed.

Item Showcase

Over 100 feet of locked showcases provide a nice optimized display as well as a measure of security. Over 200 square feet of additional display area for large or oversized items. 1,000 square foot multi-level platform which provides a stepped visual display.

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